Farewell Marian

Marian’s last day. We finished vapor-guarding (finally) last year’s trees and lay an absurd amount of lateral for this year’s planting. We’ve managed to come into our roles so the digging and laying goes by faster ever day. Sandra shovels divots, clearing grass and making the most perfectly random foundation for Rob’s job, which is drilling the holes. Marian follows along, filling in the holes and laying the lateral for the irrigation. Needless to say, Marian is not upset to never have to fill in another drilled hole ever again in her life.

To “celebrate” Marian’s departure, she baked the team Snickerdoodles. For those of you not in the know, Snickerdoodles are cookies baked with love and sunshine and unicorn smiles. Basically, it’s a sugar cookie, rolled in cinnamon sugar and baked until four people consume 15 in less than an hour. You get the picture.

As a sort of farewell post, Marian has compiled a list of things she’s learned during her two and half weeks at Camhannan and her first time as a WWOOFer:

1. Even if the temperature says it’s winter, the New Zealand sun is hotter than any summer in the States.

2. At a loss for where to store those pins/bamboo stakes/gloves/rubbish? The side of your gumboot is the perfect extra pocket with even easier access.

3.You need abs of steels (this doesn’t mean they’re visible – ahem) to be able to a) balance as a third passenger on an ATV, b) TLG plants on a very steep hill and c) walk long distances while wearing a fertilizer spray backpack.

4. It’s worth it to shell out cash for a pair of well-fitting work gloves. And on the subject of gloves, take them off occasionally to avoid the little-known “glove tan.” Imagine looking like Michael Jackson with his little silver number… except all the time.

5. Just because you’ve been working outside all day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t then take a breather by hiking or running outside afterwards. It does the soul good.

6. Cute little bunny rabbits are, in fact, evil. Who knew?

7. Screw organic. Full-strength DEET is where it’s at when it comes to deterring the dreaded sandfly. Trust me on this one.

And last, but not least….

8. “It’s not how many trees you plant. It’s how many survive.”

Thanks Marian. You will be missed, as well as your dahl and your Snickerdoodles, and of course your mad skills of blogging, filling holes and pinning laterals… Fare thee well, our friend. You will always be welcome here.








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